Tata Solar Dynamo™ G 3000

//Tata Solar Dynamo™ G 3000
Tata Solar Dynamo™ G 3000

Tata Solar Dynamo™ G 3000

– Solar Module: 3000 Wp
– Grid-tie Inverter: 3 KVA (Single phase)
– AC Distribution box
– Cable and other accessories

Product Description

Solar Modules

  • IEC certified modules with 25 years warranty
  • Reliability under extreme weather conditions, certified to withstand snow loads of up to 5400 Pa
  • Greater energy generated due to positive tolerance


  • IP-65, environmental protection rating, can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • High yield output with maximum efficiency of over 97%
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Compact Design with easy installation
  • In-built anti-islanding feature

Module Mounting Structure

  • GI coated corrosion free structures designed to withstand 150kmph wind speed

  • Hedge against increasing grid prices which have increased by 40% in past 5 years
  • Savings in electricity bill for 25 long years
  • Expandable – Multiple grid tie inverters may be networked together for increased net metering capacity or future system growth
  • Maintenance free system
  • Accelerated depreciation benefit – Your rooftop investment is eligible for accelerated depreciation of 80% in first year of commissioning i.e. 30% times 80% of project cost is tax-savings in first year
  • 25 years warranty for the modules and 5 years on inverter and balance of system